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From small owner driver, to the larger fleet market idha-online is a multi-user system that allows different responsibilities to be easily assigned to different users; the Fleet Manager, as full administrator with full access to all information, the Depot Manager or an Operator can be assigned responsibility for a group of vehicles and drivers.

Drivers can be provided with login to upload their driver cards to the system with no need to return to base. The strength of idha-online is the possibility for the Fleet Manager, Depot Manager or the Driver to upload files from anywhere via an Internet connection.

Furthermore, to analyse the information through a powerful report generator, no installation or special software is needed since access to idha-online is via your web browser so only access to the Internet is required.

Remote downloading via GPRS With the time consuming process of downloading data becoming more of a logistical issue, as drivers and vehicles are spread accross the country, the option of a fully automated remote downloading facility can support your outbase vehicles.

idha’s system of gathering driver and vehicle data for an entire fleet will eradicate the need to manually retrieve the data from vehicles or driver, thus eliminating the risk of ‘missing data’. Our service requires the digital company card to be hosted securely on an idha inhouse secure server. The data downloads can be configured to your precise requirements i.e. at any given point in time, pulling data from the entire fleet in turn creating a single point of information.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on having the in house experts on hand to establish the requirements of the customer and customers have access to our dedicated technical support helpline which is manned during normal office hours 09:00 to 17:00 Hrs.

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