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We are Tacho Data

Tachograph Data Limited has been a key player in the field of Tachograph Analysis for over 25 years

"we make managing compliance easier, saving time, money and adding value."

Tachograph Data has been a key player in the field of Tachograph Analysis for over 25 years, and developed a well-deserved reputation for excellent service. We specialise in supporting Vehicle Operator Licensing and Tachograph Compliance.

We remain at the forefront of the industry in terms of employing the latest technology, and use only the best equipment direct from suppliers to help ensure the Compliance your company needs. Our reliable access to such resources allows us to focus on providing high-quality service, supporting and protecting your Operator Licence.

Regardless of the size of a transport operator, your Operator Licence is the heart of your business :

1) The difference between believing you are compliant and knowing is the key to safeguarding your Operator Licence.

2) Whether you use your own drivers, agency staff or own vehicles, the name on the Operator Licence is the name at risk.

Entrusting the right people to undertake Compliance checks is absolutely essential. Our Team of fully qualified experts have been in Senior Management roles and understand all the requirements of Tachograph Compliance, as well as related operational pressures and the root cause of how maintenance issues evolve, and how they can multiply when not dealt with/handled correctly.

We want you to be confident in our systems and see us as partners, safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep you compliant, so that you can focus on business and continue to thrive.

We have continued to grow from strength to strength by working to always improve our service and deliver this to customers at competitive prices. Our longevity and standing in this industry is testament to this. Should you wish to talk to us further, request a quotation, or just ask for advice, please feel free to contact our team.

We have all your Compliance covered!

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Service we offer

  • Analysis of Digital and Analogue Tachograph Records
  • Supplier of online Tachograph Analysis Software / Bureau Service
  • Public Enquiries & Traffic Commissioners Operator Licence Undertakings Support
  • Approved OCR Training Centre - Transport Manager Training / TM Refresher CPD / OLAC Courses
  • Remote Tachograph Download – Drivers Cards and Vehicles – Company Card Management
  • Supplier of Tachograph Download Devices, Card Readers, Remote Depot Solutions
  • Digital & Paper Defect & Reporting Products
  • Vehicle & Tracking – Driver Behaviour, Fuel Monitoring, Management Reports
  • DVS / HGV Safety Permits Systems & Vehicle Camera